Marvellous JAPAN

Marvellous JAPAN is a group that some companies and people together doing import & export business.
We are working for matching people and companies that inside JAPAN and over sea’s companies and people on the B to B bases.

We are some companies and individual business persons who have deferent back ground and field together then we are making deal with regardless in Japan or out of Japan.

So we could catch information and working quickly.

Members have each network.
So these are more business out of this site.
People and companies are having matching every day.

Each companies and individual have over sea’s network.
So sometimes we have like a “miracle matching”.

As most of people in the world, they know “Japan quality”.
We are proud this. It is very trustful.
And we are pleased to introduce and export our priducts.

We are having many offers and inquiry every day.
We must help your Import & Export business regardless company or individual!

And we will support start of your new business also!
Please ask us anything without hesitate.
Thank you.

Marvellous JAPAN  


We support everyone
who wants to import & export!

Popular Japanese products for foreign people
Smart Phone & Tablet Device
Camera, Lens, Optical Device
Copy Machine, Fax Machine, and Office Equipment
Used Car and Car Parts
Tools for Professional use
Kitchen Equipment for Business use (Brand new & Used)
Radio-controlled Car, Die-casting Model Car
Fishing Equipment
Figure Doll
Snacks, Freeze dry food, and etc.
And many others

Received Offer from Foreign people
Used Camera, Used Cell Phone
Brand new PC
Olive Oil
Agricultural products
DELL PC (Dead Stock)
Shelves, Display Shelves, and Store Equipmentd)
Bath amenities, Hotel toiletries, and etc.
Wrist Watches (Designer’s Brand & Non Brand)
Flash Memories (Made in USA)
External hard disks (Made in USA)
And many others

*Depends on foods, alcohol, or something might need license or regulated, in this case need take time. Or occasionally those foods or something could not Import and Export. If you face that case, please understand it. Thank you.

*Most of trading are large lot.
At least number of ten is start, usually over 1,000 or 10,000 units.
Very occasionally we could buy 1, but it is very rare case.
However, even large lot, many products have reasonable price.
Even individual buyers could buy them. So please contact us without hesitate.