JAPAN Qualities for you!

Marvellous JAPAN is a group that some companies and people together doing import & export business.
We are working for matching people and companies that inside JAPAN and over sea’s companies and people on the B to B bases.

We wish trust each other and have nice long relationship to call “WIN-WIN”.
Our members and customers also wish same thing.
We really hope so, and try to work for it.

We are having many offers.
However, sometimes products or offer do not match, it is depends on time, season, price or some matters.
But we will make effort as much as possible for future’s trustful relationship.

Your inquiry, offer, and any contact is always welcome.
If you would like to contact, ask, inquiry, anything, please contact us without hesitate.
Your contact is always welcome.

Main Products & Services

・Used Japanese cars and parts
・Tools for professional use. (Japanese & German brand)
・kitchen equipment. (New and Used)

Apparel products of order production.
(Men’s Lady’s Kids T-shirts etc.)
Indian Cotton Products of order production.
Muffler, Stall, Pashmina, Cashmere, Silk products of order production.
Textile products such as Indian cotton rag, Silk rag, Carpets for interior use of order production.
Ethnic variety goods of order production.
Leather products of order production.
Silver accessories order production and processing.
Gemstones (ruby, sapphire etc.), Ruth stones, and Sand stones of buying and processing.
Buying of designer’s brand products, selling.
(Contract buyers and our buyers)

We have some network in Japan about those products.
If you are interested in those, please contact us without hesitate.
We will support import and export business at JAPAN.

New Arrival

over 20,000 pieces!
Offer from contract buyer!
CALVIN KLEIN 100 pairs of loafers.
Offer from contract buyer.

Chemises COTONIFICIO ITALIANO SHIRT 16,000 pieces.(Finished)
Mans 6 pocket cameo print Cargo short pants. (Finished)
Designer Jute bags 2000 pieces. (Finished)
Designer Jute bags 2000 pieces. (Finished)
Salt Valley & Hawkings McGill. (Finished)
Information of those products received from contract buyers.
Other buyers also try to buy them.
So if you want to buy them please let us know as soon as possible.
When those have been already sold out, thank you for your understanding.


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